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Our priority is the care and safety of our patients!


Traveling far from home becomes a problem when dialysis is a concern. Exciting vacations to new places or visiting friends and family in Nicaragua seems impossible. We can help!

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Hospital Metropolitano Vivian Pellas, the only hospital in Nicaragua accredited by Joint Commission International, can provide you excellence and quality Hemodialysis services while you explore our beautiful country and visit your family, our beaches, lakes or volcanos!

Our Hospital provides foreign patients access to our state of the art medical facilities in Nicaragua utilizing world-class dialysis services. This includes the implementation of quality dialysis procedures, personalized medical attention and monitoring by our medical and nursing staff.

We will work together with you and your Doctor so you can once again enjoy a worry-free vacation that seemed impossible once you started dialysis.

• We provide conventional hemodialysis.
• We use bicarbonate dialysate exclusively.
• Our infection control protocols meet or surpass published standards.
• We do not reuse dialyzers, tubing or needles.
• Synthetic fiber dialyzer (biocompatible).

We are pleased to offer you an option for your travel dialysis needs for an accessible price. Join us and enjoy the wonders and beauty that Nicaragua has to offer.

For more information call or Email our Medical Tourism department.
Or visit our Medical Tourism Website at www.metropolitano.com.ni